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Venn Diagram

I’m a design facilitator/doer whose work converges on three overlapping areas: interactions, systems and self. At least that’s how I make sense of it (although it doesn’t cover everything). And mostly it’s a collaborative effort; I’m lucky enough to work/live with wonderful people.

The majority of my work is carried out through Redfront, my human interaction agency. In addition to working for clients I spend my time creating new tools for design, and sharing them with people; I’ve recently been involved with design projects for data, legal contracts, agile methodology and sharing startups.

As part of Redfront’s data interactions work I’m currently writing a book. The first version, with new tools and approaches for designing with data, will be out very soon. If you’re interested you can join the mailing list. Redfront’s data exploration also led to me becoming a co-founder of Open Data Institute Node ODI Devon.

Beyond is about how we participate in living systems to support more sustainable lifestyles. For now we’re bringing people together and building networks through events like last year’s Beyond the Smart City or the more recent ThingsCamp, but that’s not all we’re working on.

The Self Agency, which launched in April 2016 in Barcelona, is an opportunity to explore a real focus on the self and how this foundation can help support more human-scale projects. There’s a Medium Publication if you’re interested in some of the thinking behind it and we’ve also been podcasting.

I’ve been helping individuals and businesses with digital and social for almost 20 years through imagetext, basically since I first learned to write HTML. I also write a long-running blog with my wife about, I suppose, trying to be more intentional. And I’m developing online resources for unschooling, although there’s a long way to go with that.

Finally I’m currently a course tutor for the MDes at Ravensbourne College in London. This largely involves talking about and doing Service Design together, but we’re also exploring other design approaches.

If you want to talk to me about anything at all then Twitter is often the best place to get started. If you want to make a more formal enquiry into how we could work together then there’s a form. Let’s go from there.