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Curriculum Vitae

I’m a design facilitator whose work converges on three overlapping areas: interactions, systems and self.

Recent Experience

The majority of my work is carried out through Redfront—a human interaction agency—where client work is balanced with discovery projects. Recent discovery work includes human-centred law, and Design and Economics.

Redfront’s discovery project for design and data led to (among other things) my co-founding both The Data Place and ThingsCamp, bringing together human-centred design, open source technologies, open hardware and data science. ThingsCamp events have taken place all over the UK, including at the V&A in London.

Collaborative projects also include The Self Agency, a partnership with Visceral Business to explore human agency in organisation design.

I currently deliver the core pathway for the Ravensbourne MDes in Service Design Innovation along with complementary modules in organisation design, systems thinking and transition design; and I teach a regular workshop in organisation design at Hyper Island in Manchester.

I’ve co-authored two articles for Touchpoint—the Service Design Network’s journal—and spoken at industry conferences (Service Design Network Global Conference and Service Design in Government) about Redfront’s discovery and client work. I write for money sometimes; I’d like to do more.

My recent clients include Government Digital Service, the Met Office, the Food Standards Agency, the RSA, Libraries Unlimited, DCMS and the Open Data Institute. I’m also an Open Data Institute Registered Trainer.

Interests and Hobbies

Aside from work I write a long-running blog with my wife about more intentional living; I write about learning and unschooling; and I take lots of photos.


I have a clean driving licence.